Friday, May 18, 2007


The school has the following facilities that aim to enhance quality learning and social, physical, and spiritual development among students, faculty and personnel.

The San Lorenzo Church. the heart of Lyceum of Aparri as a catholic institution is the church. Students are encouraged to participate in the daily celebration of the Mass and to avail themselves of the sacrament of Reconciliation.

The Library. Among the priorities of the administration is the maintenance and upgrading of the library.

Volumes are constantly added to the present collections of the library which is administered by a full staff of librarians.

The Internet. the school is connected to the internet. Students can now browse the world wide web and information superhighway to supplement their library research. It is also a very productive way of improving one’s knowledge about a wide range of subject matter.

The Gymnasium. The school maintains Gymnasium which serve as an avenue for cultural presentations, big social gatherings, and sometimes sports activities even.

The Sports Complex. The sports complex serves to meet the interest of students to engage in physical and sports development. The sports complex is also open for utilization by the public or the residents of Aparri and nearby towns.

The Ecclesiastical Museum. A fruit of the personal labor of Archbishop Talamayan is the Ecclesiastical Museum which houses precious testimonies to the rich spiritual heritage of the Cagayanos.

The Hospital. Lyceum of Aparri owns a hospital for the Midwifery and Nursing students. The hospital also provides the whole studentry of regular physical check ups. It is a big hospital with modern services and modern medical technology that cater to the needs of entire Northern Cagayan. Each student is entitled special discounts whenever hospitalized.

The Audio-Visual Room. To facilitate learning and to expose students to various learning experience, an Audio-Visual room was constructed. This is equipped with the necessary Audio-Visual equipment. It also serves as a venue for group conferences, seminars, retreats and the like.
The Laboratories. The laboratories for High School are under direct supervision of science teachers and laboratory staff and technicians, namely, physics, chemistry and biology laboratory as a center for experimentation.

The Saint Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary. A seminary houses seminarians undergoing formation for the priesthood. The building has a chapel of its own.

The Covered Walk. The school has constructed covered walks from the main gate to the buildings in consideration of student welfare during sunny days and rainy days.

The Mini Parks. The mini parks which includes the green environment, the elementary park, the grotto park and the Christ the King park are cozy places for students informal discussion and for relaxation.
The Conference Hall. It was constructed to attend to the needs of the school’s sponsoring local, regional and even national conferences. It is equipped with state of the art facilities needed to ensure relax and comfortable conference time